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Murals and Illustration

Hand-painted murals and illustration
by mural artist Neil Wilkinson-Cave

Children's Murals

Children's Murals

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Selection of artworks from the mural artist's portfolio

Devon School Library mural book stairs in lit woodland

Disney mural Aristocats in Essex

Lion King Mural in Nursery in North Wales

Tangled Mural hand painted bespoke disney murals

Harry Potter Bedroom in Florida USA

Disney Twilight playroom mural in Hungerford, Berkshire

Angkor Wat Ta Prohm mural around swimming pool in Kent

Tropical Disney scene in playroom

Jungle Trompe L'oeil in Hertfordshire

fish pond garden arbor mural, Staffordshire

Vegology Fast Food  Restaurant Mural Artwork in London

Children's Murals faerie fairy in Kent

Cummunity Mural in China

Potteries Artwork on the sides of a Narrowboat, Staffordshire

Trompe L'oeil window loeil in Ashburton, Devon

Beatrix Potetr style murals in attic space, in a house on Dartmoor, a stone's throw from Hay Tor, Devon

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Hi, my name is Neil and I am a mural painter, artist and illustrator. I have been painting colourful and detailed artwork all my adult life, and fabulous murals professionally since 2002. Dedicated mural artists are something of a rarity, we are continually studying and advancing our mural painting skills, and with this vocational tenacity and experience comes the assurance that any work undertaken for you will be the best quality, rooted in a desire to always do a great job.

I am based in a quiet little corner of Devon, working locally, nationally and internationally, with my artwork appearing as far afield as London, Essex, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire, Scotland, plus Florida USA and China, among others.

I have also more recently turned my hand to children's book illustration.


I provide a bespoke hand-painted mural service, which includes children's murals, home and garden artwork, and murals for business and the wider community. I can work in the private, commercial, entertainment, educational and social care sectors. You are invited to view my portfolio in the various galleries on this website, they represent a cross section of the work I have thus far been asked to do over the years..

I've hand-painted hundreds of mural commissions large and small around all sorts of spaces, including many children's bedrooms and playrooms, but also more unusual places such as swimming pools, bathrooms, garden rooms and outdoor walls, in restaurants, offices, games and cinema rooms, on the side of a boats and vans, for soft-play centres and playgroups, schools, hospitals, care homes, the list goes on. My main clientele are parents wanting a great quality children's mural, but I also like to create believable trompe l'oeil as well as other beautiful artworks for anyone with a seed of an idea or a dream, and with styles to suit every budget I'm sure to be able to create something great for you.


More recently I have started producing illustrative artwork, and doing the layout and design for children's books, the cover of one is shown below, so if you would like your fabulous story illustrated get in touch for a chat.

Book Illustration - Billy Boar Is Brave

ave a colourful day

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