Florida Pool Mural

Florida Pool Mural

featuring a wide tropical beach

usa-florida-pool-mural USA Florida pool mural perfect-pool-mural-paradise-scene perfect pool mural paradise scene tropical-beach-mural-parrots-yacht-island tropical beach mural with parrots, yacht and island azure-sea-beach-mural azure sea beach mural beach-scene-swimming-pool-mural beach scene swimming pool mural tropical-paradise-murals tropical paradise murals colorful-parrots-on-driftwood-mural colorful parrots on driftwood mural dappled-sunlight-on-pool-mural in Florida dappled sunlight on pool mural in Florida florida-murals Florida murals florida-paradise-mural-around-pool Florida paradise mural around pool florida-pelican-mural Florida pelican mural florida-pool-mural-paradise Florida pool mural paradise gorgeous-tropical-beach-murals gorgeous tropical beach murals holiday-perfection-awesome-paradise-mural holiday perfection paradise mural hot-tub-pool-jacuzzi-mural hot-tub pool jacuzzi mural light-aircraft-cruise-liner-mural light aircraft cruise liner mural lizard-curved-beach-mural lizard on curved beach mural lizard-on-beach-soft-clouds-mural lizard on beach with soft clouds in the blue sky mural mural-coconut-palm-tree-over-turquoise-sea mural coconut palm tree over turquoise sea parrots-n-yachts-by-gently-lapping-waves mural around private swimming pool in Florida parrots & yachts by gently lapping waves mural around private swimming pool in Florida
pelican-on-pier-in-lovely-beach-mural pelican on pier in lovely beach mural pelican-pier-florida-mural pelican pier florida mural the-beach-turquoise-sea-mural the beach turquoise sea mural Toucan-in-tropical-tree-mural Toucan in tropical tree mural tropical-beach-mural-around-pool-usa tropical beach mural around pool usa

A little more info about this mural:

This fab mural for a private residence in Florida creates an inviting relaxing poolside environment, where they can kick back and take in the view while sipping cocktails.

The surface was quite a rough, lumpy render and was challenging to paint on. The work took 19 days in total to complete, the clients were very pleased with the results. If you want me to come and paint a mural for you in the USA flights from the UK can be inexpensive in off peak times...

The mural was painted by hand, directly on to the wall, as are most of the murals on this website.

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