Cars Mural

Hand painted Pixar and Disney Style mural

cars mural lightning mcqueen peek
Painted in the bedroom of Emma Bunton (Spice Girls) and Jade Jones' (Damage) eldest son around the whole bedroom.
cars mural for emma bunton
Lightning McQueen roars into the room through the rocky Radiator Springs landscape in this spectacular Cars mural

pixar cars mural
This Pixar's Cars mural goes around the whole room, about 5m x 5m.

mural in corner of boys room
Drawing back a little we can see more of the corner where Mcqueen lives, showing the rocky Cars landscape in amongst the trees, and the Sherrif poised...

Cars Sheriff Dinoco fan rv doc racing over hill
Doc is all fired up flying over the hill, Dinoco's biggest fan RV sups on some coolant, and at the racetrack the Sheriff can't book anyone for speeding here!

Cars Mural feature wall
Cars Mural feature wall

baby spice bunton cars mural on fitted wardrobe mcqueen mater
Cars Mural in Emma Bunton "Baby Spice"'s eldest son's room, here painted on fitted wardrobe, with Lightning McQueen and Mater, and other Cars chatracters

baby spice girl bedroom mural cars Further around the room, towards the shuttered windows

corner of mural during production Last corner of the Cars mural, with airship, Dinoco helicopter, and shows the plastic protection used while working.

Mater and Red in Emma Bunton and Jade Jones Cars mural Mater and Red in Emma Bunton and Jade Jones Cars mural

MATER!   Backwards driving...

Dinoco corner
Dinoco corner

Cars Dinonco helicopter Cars Dinoco helicopter

and Mater
...and Mater

Cars Mural on Baby Spice's son's fitted wardrobe
Lightning McQueen, Sally, Chick Hicks, Luigi, Guido at the racetrack on this mural painted on a fitted wardrobe

Radiator Springs Hills from Pixars Cars, kids mural Race track grandstand with Cars crowd, pit lane and Radiator Springs Hills behind, from Pixars Cars. Kids mural with cameo from Spiderman.

Lightning McQueen wall mural painted on wardrobe
..a little bit closer, with cameo appearance from Buzz Lightyear

Sally and Chick Hicks Sally and Chick Hicks

Luigi and Guido in Cars mural Luigi and Guido, next time I'm doing Guido in that rainbow wig!

Red watering his flowers Boy's Mural Red watering his flowers - Boy's Mural

Clouds and Tyre track vapour trails Clouds and Tyre track vapour trails

cars racing mural with rv fans watching
The RV fan base watching The King - and a cameo this time from my VWLT35!

The twins More racing fun and the Twins

Cars mural with Lightning McQueen
Cars mural with Lightning McQueen

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these new photos of this mural, and please get in touch if you would like something similar.

A little more info about this mural:

This fun mural was painted by hand, directly on to all the walls in this 5m x 5m boy's bedroom, including over a fitted wardrobe. 

Date - October 2010
Location - Hertfordshire, UK

The work took 25 days. Any quote for similar work would be based upon a similar timeframe, depending on the size etc. Of course you may qualify for a discount.

Ask here about a quote, and any discounts   /more info