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  • All estimates and consultations are free, as are calls and video chats to discuss your project

  • Project pricing depends on the level of detail, expected time to complete the work, paint cost and distance travelled.

  • For every project a price is determined before any work starts. It will include all labour, materials and travel to and from the job site, plus any sketching and mockup work undertaken (a deposit will be required before any work on designs is done). Other costs such as accomodation will be invoiced separately.     

Below are some examples of the current prices for my services, and are offered as an approximate indication of the price for any similar work. Murals are all quoted on an individual basis as every job is different, however if the price quoted is too high for your budget I understand and can be flexible, please phone or email me to discuss your situation and we may be able to set a more agreeable price.

Quotes are based on how long I expect the work to take, and will cover materials, paints and travel cost. The price will include a coating of "flat matte" acrylic varnish for protection. For many jobs I stay in my camper van for the duration of the work, often on a client's driveway if there's room, which saves on the cost of staying in local accommodation. For complete transparency I'll mention that for most jobs I require a "hook up" to mains electicty via a standard plug socket and this incurs a "hidden" cost on your electricity bill of about £3 per night in the cold of winter, much less in the summer. I can also stay in supplied accommodation, in a hotel or Air B & B, or on a campsite if needed, but this obviously will cost more.

Please use this guide as a starting point for an idea on pricing, check the FAQ and Services pages for more information if needed, then contact me to get a quote for your project.

Thanks, Neil

Tromp L'oeil Window - £4000
High detail
Click here to see more pictures of this mural

Exterior mural with favourite holiday memories and Trompe l'oeil window - @ £4000
Medium to High detail
Click here to see more pictures of this mural

Complex Ruined Temple Mural around large interior private pool
Extensive, intricate commissions like these take months to complete, and will be quoted from £25,000 up, depending on the complexity. Smaller pools and areas will correspondingly be priced lower.
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Wide beach scene around a private pool - £10,000
Medium detail yet carefully handled work.
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Underwater pond scene in unusual garden arbor: ~ £4000
Medium detail yet carefully handled work.
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Beatrix Potter style spot artwork £400 per panel
£75 per incidental cute little animal. (£150 for the last image shown here)
Whole average sized room with these types of murals: ~ £5000
Click here to see more pictures of this attic space

Nemo Bathroom wall - £3000

Large Tree over walls and ceiling (bottom unfinished here) - £3500
Click here to see more pictures of this room

This selection covers a few styles but I am able to paint many other cool design ideas, there are plenty more to see on this website, give me shout to see if I can help with yours. These examples will help with a ballpark starting point for budgeting your own project, I hope it's not too confusing!

Much of the artwork shown here is pretty high detail, it's what I'm mostly asked to do, but I'm happy to paint the more affordable, less complex or smaller designs too, especially locally, though I will travel too if a project is worth doing.

So if you have just a seed of an idea, a full blown plan or anything in between, get in touch for a chat and I'll work out a quote, with no obligation.