Toy Story Mural Pixar Murals
Buzz Lightyear Shrek
Monsters inc.
Boy's Bedroom
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This mural took
10 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Buzz Lightyear ~ Toy Story Mural


Set in the fairytale world of Shrek, with Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and characters from Shrek, Monsters inc
and Toy Story.

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

Hand Painted Mural      Date - Beginning of 2003      Location - Essex

I was asked to paint the characters from Toy Story, Shrek and Monster's inc. in the fairytale countryside from the first Shrek film. Okay so it's not exactly a Toy Story Mural as such, but it is a mural, and Woody and Buzz Lightyear are in it, so technically.. There also Sully, Mikey, Shrek and Donkey making an appearence. It's a lovely mural in one lucky boy's bedroom, and I dare say I could paint a proper new and improved Toy Story Mural for somebody should they ask... or Shrek, or Monsters inc, etc, etc...

woody toy story mural

Buzz Lightyear, to infinity and beyond!

toy story mural shrek woody

Toy Story Mural with Shrek, Woody and the gang, Mikey does his stand up routine on the set of Shrek, and he's a smash!

shrek toy story mural

Kids Bedroom wallmural, left

Woody from Toy Story

Woody gets the joke

Shrek fairytale countryside

Sully chills out

pixar characters scene

Group picture

sully monsters inc


Shrek and Donkey picture

Pixar Fairytale

Bedroom shot, centre

Kids bedroom mural

Kids Bedroom wallmural, right

monsters inc mikey

Mikey doing his act, "Tadaaaa!"

buzz lightyear painted by neil wilkinson cave

Buzz Lightyear close up picture

sully from monsters inc

Shrek, Toystory and Monsters inc. mural: Sully


Monsters inc. Sully

Farquaad's Castle

Farquaad's Castle - smooth

cartoon windmill far far away

Pixar Windmill

Buzz Lightyear in bedroom mural

Buzz Lightyear mural Toy Story mural


mikey one big eye

Mikey's wondering have you seen Toy Story in HD?