Jungle Book Mural
Disney Style Murals
Baloo Ka Mowgli
King Louis
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This mural took
12 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Jungle Book Mural

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Hand Painted Mural      Date - April 2004      Location - Southgate

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

For this mural I have decided to show more of the actual painting process, to give more of an understanding of the work involved in creating a mural. The first pictures show the completed mural, then you will see how it actually came to be, from the early concept sketches, through the initial background colour washes, the working up of the background, the middle ground details, and finally the characters and foreground.

I'm sure you'll find it an interesting insight into the creation process..

Jungle Book Mural with baloo singing the bear necessities
Jungle Book mural with Baloo, King Louis, Ka and, er, Mowgli's young elephant friend!

baloo and mowgli jungle book mural
Jungle Book mural on 2nd wall with baloo, Mowgli, Bagheera and some mischievous monkeys

Jungle Book  mural, Concept Sketch - 1

Jungle Book  mural, Concept Sketch - 2


Jungle Book  mural - bare walls, with area masked off


first task is to sketch the design on to the wall

left hand edge filled in, plus suggestion of
the temple wall

shows the work on and around the waterfall

jungle book throne
detailed work on the throne

now I rework the wall colour and texture

baloo sketch
..and sketched in

tree is worked up, and two coats of paint
are needed on the characters

King Louis in the Jungle Book - Mural
King Louis is finished

Kaa's coils

lastly, the fruit bowl is worked up

colourwash background over blacked in monkeys

creating continuity between the two walls

jungle background worked up

tree painted in


ungle Book  mural, picture 32 - two coats of flat colour are applied to characters

dark leaves are strategically scattered around the top

foreground vine with jungle flowers are added,
which helps to balance the composition

monkeying around

Mowgli learning the bear necessities

bare walls, floor protected with plastic
sheeting and decorators' sheets

a simple backround wash of colour is applied

the background is worked up some more

tools of the trade..

in goes the crimson plant

The pose for Baloo is approved by client...

in go the final drawings of the other characters

baloo dancing mural
Outlined and complete, Baloo dancing in the mural - With a hup-dup-doobie!

Kaa is now complete in this Jungle book mural
Baloo and Kaa complete

jungle book's baby elephant
and the baby elephant is also finished

the King of the swingers


colourwash on whole wall,

Bagheera outline blacked in,
then pink, blue and green colourwash added

blue river water painted in

riverbank plants and reflections added


broadleafed plant painted, then outline of characters

shows Bagheera complete

whole wall complete

monkey business

all finished


baloo and mowgli floating down the stream in Diney's Jungle Book

baloo and mowgli floating down the stream in Disney's Jungle Book