Carribean mural
St Lucia
tropical garden mural
trompe loeil path steps cracked, garden urn flowers
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This mural took
10 days to paint
Commission Neil
Please scroll down
the page to see the photos of the mural

Caribbean Tropical Garden Mural

Sunny Garden Mural  

(Trompe L'oeil style)

Hand Painted Mural   Date - January 2004   Location - Four Marks, Hampshire

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

One of my earlier murals. The dappled sunlight on the aging steps looks really gorgeous I think, and the sky was also successfully rendered, the plants and flower beds are pretty, however I think I would try to do them differently now.
Still it's lovely..

Caribbean Garden Mural
Caribbean Tropical Garden mural - whole mural in its conservatory/dining room setting

It took two weeks to create this lovely garden scene, which tries to capture the feeling of a beautiful sunny day in St Lucia! The white brackets, which add support to the room's glass roof, were incorporated into the mural design, creating the illusion of a link between the room inside and the garden "outside". The completed mural was coated in a layer of acrylic matte varnish for greater protection and easier cleaning.

Let's start at the bottom.. (my favourite bit)

Garden Mural

Caribbean palm trees mural

Tropical Garden detail

mural with garden urn

Urn in strong sunlight, and tulips.

Sea and Sky, scroll down the page for more close-ups.

Nearly finished, and shows the client's furniture and floor
covered in thick plastic sheeting for protection.

Path and steps in dappled sunlight

Finished, with the radiator-bench (nice idea)
uncovered and undamaged.

Left hand pillar with marble effect

Right hand marbled pillar and Trompe L'oeil brackets

 Ssquare rigger boats and palm trees detail
*sigh* don't you just want to be there!

 Square Riggers closer still


Central Arch

Steps with signs of age.