Nebula planets moons galaxy UFO
Saturn's Rings
Trompe L'oeil
TV Room
Cinema Room
Space scene
Trompe l'oeil ceiling
Earth from space

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This mural took
about 20 days to paint
Commission Neil
Please scroll down
the page to see the photos of the mural

Space themed TV Room

Main Keywords  

Nebula, planets, moons, galaxy, UFO
with Trompe L'oeil effects

Hand Painted Mural         Date - January 2007

Location - Endon, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

This Space scene painted over an entire double room including the ceiling includes trompe l'oeil effects and looks even better for real,
the interior design creating a fun and funky TV room for the boys in the family!

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nebula and phoebe - one of Saturn's moons

ufo sighting mural

Most of this Space mural is over the ceiling, apart from this arched alcove, where a pretty UFO now patrols the landscape

earth through ceiling trompe l'oeil

I love this effect of an opening into space, with the earth and Ursa Major up above

red dwarf decor!

You can see the shape of this end of the room in this picture, the room is actually two rooms knocked into one.

ufo scanning the landscape

Ursa Major great saucepan bear dipper

The Saucepan   (big dipper great bear etc)

space ceiling mural

Slightly weird picture showing the room layout. ..and massive telly!

night sky bar mural

Lovely bar area with neat false ceiling trompe l'oeil opening.

andromeda galaxy painted on the ceiling

Our nearest neighbour galaxy - Andromeda

andromeda and moon ceiling mural

Andromeda is actually moving towards our galaxy, and is destined to collide with the Milky Way in a few billion years time..

asteroid crater moon sun mural

This moon is called Phoebe, and is an actual moon that orbits Saturn, and is only 200 miles across. hence being all "lumpy"
The Sun effect is a halogen ceiling light looking very real for this photo, clever.

saturn painting on ceiling

This Space mural has some lovely colourful nebula, Saturn makes an appearance with one of its moons, Phoebe!

space themed interior

earth through hole in ceiling - trompe loeil

earth mural painting

earth and great bear from space

nebulae color colour space mural

nebula colours colors mural

Enormous clouds of gas create these fascinating anomolies in space

space mural

The command sofa

ooo me achin neck!

ooo me achin' neck..

alien landscape

ufo lights up landscape - also baby eats alien!

UFO Lights up the landscape