James Bond mural
007 mural
Pears Brosnan
Aston Martin
Die Another Day
Boy's bedroom
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This mural took
20 days to paint
Commission Neil
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James Bond Mural

James Bond mural 007 mural  

007 Mural Die Another Day ice scene
and 007 emerging from the wardrobe!

Hand Painted Mural      Date - Month 2010      Location - Somewhere

The theme for this James Bond mural was taken from that great scene where Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish and the baddie's Jaguar XKR battle it out on the frozen ice lake.
imdb James Bond

007 mural james bond mural

ice palace james bond mural 007 mural

Ice Palace in the James Bond film "Die Another Day"

silver aston martin 007 Die Another Day

Silver Aston Martin on the James Bond mural

james bond murals

Frozen Lake on the James Bond murals

James Bond theme painted in young boy's bedroom

007 James Bond aka Pears Brosnan, licensed to kill   ...the telly

bond 007 wardrobe mural

007 James Bond, mum liked the thought of Pears Brosnan coming out of the wardrobe!

007 james bond  boy's bedroom

007 Mural with James Bond painted over the fitted wardrobe

Pears Brosnan James Bond coming out of the wardrobe

Pears Brosnan as James Bond, featuring dinner jacket and his Walter PPK

James Bond pencil sketch

Interesting sketch of Mssr. Brosnan, drawn directly on to the fitted wardrobe.

james bond theme room for kids

One section of the James Bond mural

die another day Lotus

lotus ice palace

Jag gives chase in front of the ice palace

Lotus machine gun

Jaguar XKR fitted with machine gun

die another day ice mural

Die Another Day Ice Mural with James Bond avoiding explosions

james bond parachuting

Bond parachuting out of another tight fix

ice lake snowscape mountains mural bond

Ice lake and snow covered mountains detail

ice palace painting

Detail of the ice palace painting

ice palace legs arms

Subtle distant mountains seen through the Ice Palace "spider" legs.

ice opera house hotel james bond

James Bond ice opera house style hotel

ice Bond murals

Very cool ice themed James Bond bedroom

liz finishing touches

My lovely wife Liz doing the finishing touches - Ta very much duck

Sun's out, these colours positively gleam in this light

MI6 British secret service, 007 James Bond Aston grill

Aston Martin grill and personalized number plate, one of the perks from MI6 British Secret Service,

and once again, my favourite bit..

Stunning Ice Palace painting