Nepal Buddha eyes Nepali temple eyes
Sacred Art
Buddhist Temple Art mural artwork
bespoke hand painted art for home
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This mural took
3 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Buddha Eyes of Nepal Mural

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Hand Painted Mural      Date - Month 2010      Location - Maplefield,  E Sussex

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

An unusual request to reproduce an image I created many years ago, in a Sussex gent's alternative household. The idea was to create an intensely spiritual, temple-like feeling as you entered the room,
to make the bedroom feel like a sacred space.
The name? it just appeared.


 the process..

hmm, interesting, I'd love to see the room now finished.

Actually I thought it was truly great to be asked to paint this, as the image is a link to my past,
and it's nice to feel that my older work still has appeal.
This new version took more skill to create, as the original was made with the help of a computer,
I used paint, an airbrush and some trusty brushes this time.

To compare with the original click here