Inspiration & Ideas

Are you looking for some new ways of redecorating your kids' rooms, or a special space, and want inspiration and ideas? Then check out these imaginative, some quite fresh, approaches.

..and to be clear, these rooms and murals and images were produced by other people, I'm just adding them here to help stimulate ideas, and show the sort of artwork & decorative paint ideas I would be happy to try to recreate. Plus there are a few interesting anomalies that while I wouldn't be able to do myself, the woodwork for instance, I've put them in for their shear inventiveness!

FYI This is a new page, and I have plans to research, explore and find more fresh ideas and amazing work, and perhaps even venture some ideas of my own, to inspire and motivate. I'd like to begin a conversation here if anyone wants to chip in, and I'll open with this  question: If you could create any room, any room at all, what room would it be?

fantasy rocks bedroom mural

You don't have to be young to want a great piece of mural art in your bedroom!

One red shoe lion king mural

I've liked this Lion King mural from the moment I first saw it, and would love to paint it myself for somebody...
Many thanks and credit to Neil Osborne of "One Red Shoe - Murals & Artwork"

..not a mural, but a nice idea for a little girl's room mural.

Skies are a favourite of mine, and each time I paint one, I get closer to my spiritual epicentre! I know that's a bit cheesey but I don't care, let me paint more please, it's part of my life's work.

I'm sure I could do justice to something like this formal garden mural by Michael Alford above. The skill level is commensurate, I can do this, it just takes a bit of time, and my colour theory is close, but slightly different. This photo is also possibly slightly yellow cast, especially in the highlights, and not true to the original. You know I would really love to see this for real, it's superb, and to paint something like it myself, yes please, love to, bring it on!

Slightly strange digital image this one, image quality-wise, but I like the colour tone and reality in the castle scene behind.
Perhaps I should create a wallpaper like this, what do you reckon everyone? doesn't have to be just walls, this bath mural is magnificent..

This is wonderful.

Love this simple but effective Indian design idea, could work in the most modest sized rooms I think and needn't cost that much.
Just some neatly cut mdf installed by a decent carpenter and a few coats of paint, with a delightful Indian motif added by me of course to finish it of ;)

Sliding out of your bed, brilliant!

So have you been thinking about my question...? What  special room would you love to create?
For instance how about a hammock and squishy bean bag haven where the mezzanine has a mezzanine, with indoor trees, coloured lighting, sweet video / sound system and iced drinks brought to me on a model monorail...