Library Mural

Delightful woodland themed mural in Lydeard St. Leonard's primary school library

You never know
where a book may lead...

There are two parts to this work, the woodland walls and the rabbit warren with the bespoke shelves in front. Scroll down to see both in all their splendour.

Careful, you might wake them...

Fantasy woodland mural
Fantasy Woodland Mural
This main feature of little girl walking up a staircase of books really stirs the imagination...

school library mural

School Library Mural

Woodland Mural helps to disguise some boxy areas and radiators.

Mural painted in Lydeard St. Leonards Infants School Library
Mural painted in Lydeard St. Leonards Infants School Library


Some fantasy swirls popping up everwhere

These next two walls facing opposite were painted in a different style for speed, diversity, budget and because some bespoke bookshelves were to go in in front of them, (see the next picture)

...and with the shelves full of books! The idea was that the rabbit warren would be revealed here and there as holes appeared when books are borrowed.

Don't you just love these curved corner shelves...

The new library in action...

Below shows where some of the funding came from, thanks Tesco, and so perhaps a supermarket could help you to fund YOUR project...

A little more info about this mural:

This Primary School Library mural featuring an imaginative woodland fantasy scene with a book staircase that fires the imagination, was painted by hand, directly on to the walls.
Date - August 2014
Location - Lydeard St.Leonards, Somerset, UK

The mural, painted over 4 walls, took ten days to paint. Any quote for similar work would be based upon a similar timeframe for the work, depending on the size etc. ...and if you are a school, hospital or similar or are local to me, you may qualify for a discount.

Ask here about a quote, and any discounts   /more info