Boy's Bedroom Mural

Mater and McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank in boy's bedroom

Cars Mural mcqeen Mater
Cool boy's room mural with favourite characters from Cars, Fireman Sam, Toy Story and Thomas the Tank, painted around the whole room

Mater and McQueen, Buzz lightyear, Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank in Boy's Room Mural

Mater and McQueen

Fireman Sam mural

Fireman Sam fire drill!

boy's room mural corner
Buzz Lightyear hovering up close on far wall

Buzz Lightyear part of mural in boy's room
Buzz Lightyear part of mural in boy's room

buzz lightyear bedroom mural

Corner where furniture, chest of drawers will go, so no need for to much detail, just continuity around the room.

Thomas The Tank

It's Thomas the Tank!

fireman sam mural corner

another corner, with air conditioning.

kid's murals cars

..and my favourite bit again of this kid's mural, McQueen and Mater.

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A little more info about this mural:

This mural based on some favourite boy's characters was painted by hand, directly on to all the walls of the room

Date - May 2013
Location - Paignton, Devon, UK

Hand painted Murals like this one, painted around a whole bedroom, usually cost in the region of £2000 depending on the size and level of detail required. Of course you may qualify for a discount.

Ask here about a quote, and any discounts   /more info