Cinderella Mural
Disney Mural
Princess Mural
Mickey Mouse Pluto Dumbo Donald Duck Cinderella Snow White Little girl's room
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This mural took
10 days to paint
Commission Neil
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Disney Murals

Cinderella Mural

Disney style Castle through peep hole  

Princess Mural with Castle at Twilight

Hand Painted Mural    Date - December 2005   Location - Gosport, Hampshire

Brief was to produce a magical princess Disney style bedroom for a little girl, but to not have it pink! So I chose this gorgeous blue twilight scene from Cinderella and populated it with famous characters, which worked perfectly.

Disney Mural Cinderella Mural Princess Mural

Welcome to Disneyworld..!
A lovely theme here for a little lady's room, and hey, it's not pink..!

Disney Mural Cinderella Mural Princess Mural

Disney Mural starring Cinderella

Disney Mural Cinderella Mural Princess Mural

A Very Shiny Cinderella

Cinderella murals
Mural of Cinderella in her fine ballgown

Cinderella's grand entrance and princess castle

Disney Mural painted on left hand wall with our Cinders, Mickey n Pluto, not to mention the Grand Princess Castle

Cinderella - mickey mouse pluto

Cinderella - hi mickey, pluto..

Cinderella Castle and Dumbo

Disney mural featuring Cinderella's castle and Dumbo

Introducing Disney's gang

Some favourite faces from the Disney gang, Donald Duck, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and of course Goofy

Snow White with her Prince Charming

Snow White with her Prince Charming

Cinderella's Curly Bridge

Snow White is carried by her hunky prince over the curly Bridge from Cinderella

Disney's amazing Dumbo

Disney's amazing Dumbo

Introducing Donald Duck

Introducing Donald Duck

Disney characters

Disney mural - Donald Duck, film star, hollywood personality, enjoying the glamourous party with a couple of friends

Heeeeer's Goofy

Heeeeeeer's Goofy

Cinderella's coach

Cinderella's coach

Cinderella Coach

Cinderella Coach. Oh where are they going?

Cinderella Princess Murals

Cinderella the Princess.

  Disney Cinderella Castle, midnight blue

Disney Fairy Princess Castle, twilight blue and, oh yes.. a hint of pink!

Hope you like this mural as much as me.
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