Aristocats Mural
Scat Cat
Paris by moonlight
Disney Jazz

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A mural like this one would cost about £3000.
This mural took
18 days to paint
Commission Neil

Aristocats Mural

Aristocats Mural Disney Murals  

A Disney favourite brought to life for one lucky young lady.

Hand Painted Mural      Date - July 2010      Location - Ipswich

Please scroll down the page to see the photos of the mural

This lovely mural was painted for a famous footballer's daughter (hint: he plays for West Ham and used to play for Ipswich, then Newcastle). No, not Beckham, though if you're reading this David or Victoria, I'd love to paint your house too.. ;o)
Anyways, the young lady wanted bold and bright pinks and purples for the background, and the details were kept simple but effective, just like in the famous "Everybody wants to be a Cat" scene in the original Aristocats movie. This meant that I could spend more time making the characters and other details look really good, like Paris in moonlight through an open window, O'Malley and Duchess crooning through the harp strings, Toulous painting Edgar on the easel, and of course Scat Cat and the band jazzing it all up. The effect makes for a vibrant bedroom for a young lady with a lot of get up and go!


Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie shaking it up in front of Paris by moonlight, utterly charming.


When the Aristocats reach Paris, O'Malley bumps into his ol' pal Scat Cat, so time for some Disney style jazz..

Duchess and O'Malley crooning through the harp strings

Hint of the matching purple carpet and fitted mirrored wardrobe really set this mural off.
(Incidentally, the darker vertical line going through the moon is a reflection from the camera flash off the mirrors)


The surround of the fitted wardrobe was painted to match, and the harp matches the door frames.

Cluttered corner

Fun feature of cat portrait

Fun and games trying to disguise the radiator with a piano breaking through the floor - Shot shows room layout

Scat Cat and the band jazzing it up with Roquefort conducting, and radiator, hiding.

Feel the beat

Yeah baby

Everybody wants to be a Cat

Everybody wants to be a Cat

Cut corner in the room makes for a perfect canvas for a perfect canvas..

Toulouse making a lovely mess painting Edgar on a canvas

Good job Toulous!

Roquefort mouse detective
Roquefort Mouse Detective

..and the jazz beat goes on

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