Service Price List
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Hi, here are the current price guidelines for my mural painting services. Murals are all quoted on an individual basis because each one has a different amount of work involved. As a guide, below are various examples of murals showing the amount of detail, and hence time, involved in their creation, with guide prices quoted for each. Wall sizes are average unless otherwise stated. Please use this as a starting point, then contact me with your own project or mural idea for a quote. Prices include materials, paints etc, but exclude travel cost, which must be added. On smaller jobs a coating of "dead flat" finish acrylic varnish is included free, but for larger jobs I add the varnish cost in the quote. For most jobs I stay in my camper van for the duration of the work, often on a client's driveway, saving the cost of staying in local accommodation.
101 Dalmatians - Low Detail - 300
Jasmin Pocahontas Bell, two extra little friends - Three+ Medium / High Detail Characters - 750
Winnie the Pooh (simple style) - 600
Hot Air Balloons with simple hills and clouds - Low Detail - 300