Previous Clients


...It would be real nice to hear from you!

Hi to everyone I have worked for over the years, you clever thing you've gone and found your way back to my website! I would like to extend an invitation out to all of you to drop me a line sometime just to say hello, it would be so nice to hear from you again. Plus, I am offering a 10% finders fee if you know anyone who wants some work doing, and that leads to a paid job (that's £100 for a commission that pays £1000), as well as 10% off any more work you might want doing.

Also I would like to re-photograph some of the work as I have a much better camera now, and I've lost some of the originals (especially the older ones, but I expect some of these have gone now). But anyway regardless, the best reason of all to get in touch is that it would be really nice to just say hello again.

Please use my personal email:

It would also be extremely cool if any of you feel the urge to write something about the work that I did for you, in the "Comments" section on the appropriate mural page, or in the section below on this page. You could mention how you found the whole experience, what it's like having me work in your world, as well as your experience of the mural artwork itself.

And if your mural has not yet made it to this updated revamped website, my apologies, and I would still be honoured if you would write a few words in the Feedback section below.