Fantasy Art
 Right of Passage
 Acrylic on Canvas

  5ft x 3.5ft
Pinkola Estés

Wolves snow scene mountains rivers ice Rite of passage
Commission Artwork
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"Finding Your Pack"



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A Rite of Passage

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"The Soul cannot be held back by any imaginary boundary drawn against it; not by mountain ranges, not by rivers, nor by human scorn" Pinkola Estés

This is a Rite of Passage, or "coming of age" theme painting, the young woman must journey outside her known world and enter the wilderness, on a quest to find her own "pack". The wolves representing the people, or pack, amongst whom she truly fits in.
It is a vision of hope for anyone who feels trapped or suppressed by their current life, and holds inspiring guidance for those entering adulthood.

Respect to Jung philosopher Clarissa Pinkola Estes
for her wonderful book:

"Women Who Run With The Wolves".
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Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman (Classic Edition)
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This wonderful book inspires creativity, providing vitimins for the soul for women who feel cut off from their intuitive nature. All women should read this, in fact mothers should pass the knowledge contained within its pages down to their daughters (and sons) as they turn 16!
Jung Woman with Wolves. Fantasy Art

Woman running wolves pinkola estes

White Wolf in fantasy snow scene

White Wolf in fantasy snow scene

145 x 85 cm, Acrylic on stretchered canvas

The Original Artwork is for sale, but I'm sorry I can't let it go too cheaply as there are many many hours of work which
went into its creation. Would sell to interested parties with offers around £2000.