Fantasy Art
 Acrylic on Board

  8ft x 4ft
Faerie fée fairy art
woodland little folk
sunlight painting
folklore mossy fairy house faerie house
Commission Artwork



Faerie House in the Woods

Faerie house forest woods woodland
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Fantasy Art in the Faerie (Fairy) Tradition

I found this little mossy oasis of magic recently in the faerie realms of Dartmoor, somewhere deep in a forest, but the little fella that lives here has gone off to pick some woodland mushrooms for his dinner.
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faeries brian froud

classic Faeries book by Brian Froud and Alan lee has been a great inspiration to me over the years, click the image above to check out the hardback edition

fairy woods fantasy art Chagford Moretonhampstead Dartmoor faery forest faeries

I found this little mossy oasis of magic recently in the faerie realms of Dartmoor, somewhere deep in the forest...

chagford fairies piskie piskies faery, faerie, fay, fae fée I thought I'd paint it.

This is a very rare piece of artwork because I painted it for myself, simply because I wanted to.
Silly me though I don't have a space large enough to display it, so it's sitting in my shed, poor thing, though it did spend a glorious six weeks on promiment display at the Widdershins Exhibition in Moretonhampstead in the summer of 2013, alongside paintings by some of the world's great mythic artists like Alan Lee and Brian Froud and Wendy Froud, plus David Wyatt, Virginia Lee, Hazel Brown, Rima Staines and Paul Kidby.

If you know of a good spot to exhibit it please let me know.

The original is not for sale, but...

Plus you might be interested in this, there's a connection here you see,
the main artistic creators of  The Dark Crystal, Brian and Wendy Froud, live nearby to where this painting was created,
that there being Chagford in the background, and their influence, and indeed the influence of the whole artistic community
in the area, and the actual area itself, have been tremendously powerful.

I recently bought and watched the blu ray version of this classic children's movie and the quality was lovely to behold,
so I can't recommend enough, etc,etc...

Dark Crystal [Blu-ray] [1982]

Dark Crystal [DVD] Collector's Edition [1982]

both available from